“More important than the right to speech is the right to speak” Stephen Hawkings
Q-talk is a new company who aim to provide that basic human right  - the right to speak for those who have no voice of their own.
Why another Communication Aid?
We started off with the young man you can see in the photo here! He was desperate for a VOCA (Voice Output Communication Aid), he’s a bright boy who had been using a low tech device for a number of years with limited success and really needed an effective, reliable voice.
What happened was he failed to get through CAP when the funding ran out. We’d seen the success of VOCAs at Downs View School in Brighton  UK and had been involved in CAP from the beginning, in the end we had become very successful at securing Communication Aids for our pupils and were true believers. But with the funding cut there was just no way we could carry on funding Communication Aids at the price they were. We tried raising funds for this chap and managed to get half of what we needed.
In the end his teacher, a CAP assessor and his Dad, a software engineer, decided to join forces to provide a communication aid that would have state of the art hardware; software with all of the features we had  been talking about since we first began programming and above all else be affordable.
The Q-talk was born,with support from Samsung. We’ve been using them in school now since the Summer Term 2007. The kids love them  - we think you will too!